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When it comes to forex trading, no account is a one-size-fits-all. The best online trading company will have accounts and value offers for people with various experiences and risk profiles. Our job as an online trading company is to provide various lot selections that will determine the account’s inherent risk-reward level. 

While it is up to you to employ their strategy to make a profit, giving you choices of accounts is our way of offering you a chance for clear risk management.

Our greater selection of mini accounts

Many online trading companies offer some variant of standard and mini accounts. Our version of the mini account is subdivided into two categories – the smallest is Cent account, and then Micro. 

The Cent account is ideal for beginners because they would trade literally with the US cent instead of the US dollar as the base trading currency. This allows them to open the account with only US$1. 

In fact, the Cent account by FBS is the only one with the lowest deposit requirement that ever exists. With the Cent account, you can gain a 1:1000 leverage, with a 1-pip minimum spread and zero commission.

The Micro account is comparable with the typical mini account, but with a much lower deposit requirement of US$5. You pay no commission, just fixed spread at minimum 3 pips per transaction. A 1:3000 leverage is available with this account. 

Our greater selection of higher risk accounts

The Standard account is comparable to that of typical standard accounts for intermediate to advanced traders. You can open with a minimum of US$100 to purchase a standard lot with a leverage of up to 1:3000. Because you have a greater chance to earn large profits, the floating spread for this particular account is only 0.5 pips minimum, with no commission.  

The ECN account is for the serious traders. Opening this account costs US$1000, which automatically reduces the leverage to 1:500. You would also pay a $6 commision per standard lot. What advantages will you get from such an investment?

You will get more freedom, and become less dependent on your broker. You gain complete anonymity, and trade with other members of the ECN account directly, while being able to watch actual market conditions. With this freedom and direct selling comes the need for instant trading. As soon as a trade is dealt, it is final with no re-quotes post-purchase – no more dealing in spreads with a broker, and all profits are owned by you. 

Trade with FBS

FBS is an online trading company and an online forex trading platform. What sets us apart from many other brokers is the fact that our account offers such a low entry barrier for beginners looking into trading currencies. Visit our account offerings to learn more.

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